Split Systems

Single split air conditioning system (reversible air to air heat pump) consist of one indoor and one outdoor unit. The indoor unit can be floor mounted, wall mounted, ceiling suspended, above the ceiling ducted or ceiling cassette type.

The system can cool or heat depending on the mode selected. The outdoor unit can be floor mounted or wall mounted externally and either rejects or absorbs heat, according to the room's demand.

Daikin FTXG-LS

Multi Split Systems

Multi splits system consist of one outdoor unit connected to several indoor units, each indoor unit can be installed in a different room and controlled by it's own remote controller.

The user has the freedom to set each indoor unit's temperature or fan speed, simultaneous heating and cooling is not possible all units must be set to the same operational mode (heating or cooling).


Heat Pump VRF / VRV

Heat Pump VRF / VRV (variable refrigerant flow / variable refrigerant volume) these systems modulate refrigerant flow depending upon the requirements of the building. Using inverter technology VRF / VRV systems are varying the compressor speed to match the cooling or heating load thereby consuming only the power necessary to match the requirement of individual rooms.

Heat recovery VRF / VRV systems work on the same principles as heat pump system except that they can provide cooling and heating simultaneously and reuse the energy available in one or more areas of the building and transfer it to other areas in the building (additional energy saving).

i.e. The system is diverting exhaust heat from indoor units in cooling mode to areas requiring heating. Each indoor unit can be individually controlled providing complete flexibility.

VRF / VRV systems comprises of a condensing unit sited externally and series of multiple indoor units providing cooling and/or heating.